• Pleasant Valley School District Academic Program
    The Pleasant Valley School District educational program is designed as a performance-based curriculum, the result of a spirited school and community strategic planning partnership. Our students are provided with the instructional and co-curricular experiences and opportunities to meet performance expectations that will enable them to:
      • Demonstrate effective communication skills including listening, speaking, writing, and reading for understanding
      • Demonstrate the use of mathematical processes and applications to formulate and to solve problems
      • Use critical thinking skills, including problem-solving and decision making, both individually and collaboratively
      • Demonstrate technological and information literacy skills
      • Demonstrate responsible citizenship and ethical behavior
      • Apply understanding of the social sciences to the challenges of the present and the future
      • Demonstrate knowledge of healthy behaviors that will lead to the development of physical, mental, and social well-being
      • Demonstrate active caretaking of the earth and its finite resources
      • Produce, perform or exhibit their work in the arts
      • Demonstrate positive self-esteem and respect for others


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Last Modified on July 7, 2010