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  • PVI COVID-19 School Closure Update 4/12/2020

    April 12, 2020


    Dear PVI Families,

    I hope this communication finds you and your family safe and healthy. The Pleasant Valley School District remains committed to keeping our students, staff, families and community informed. As you are aware, Governor Wolf has closed schools for the remainder of the school year. Therefore, we will be continuing distance learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. At this time, we are unable to open the building to students to collect personal items. We will have that ability in the future at some point and will contact you to inform you of how that process will work. I continue to take comfort in knowing that just last year, we faced an unprecedented emergency at Pleasant Valley Intermediate School in the form of a mold remediation that severely impacted our school building, our staff, our students, and our community. The Pleasant Valley community rallied together at that time to support students and each other, put the pieces back together, and carry on. I know that we can and will do the same thing now.

    Continuation of Education at PVI:

    On April 6th, the Pleasant Valley School District started the next chapter in our educational delivery to our students with the start of Distance Learning. Our professional staff and administration worked tirelessly preparing for this new endeavor with our students and families. While making this digital leap is sure to present unforeseen challenges, we are excited to work with our students and families to overcome those obstacles and continue the educational journeys with all of our students. Teachers will continue to post online assignments and materials that represent new learning in each of your child’s classes. The material is being posted in teacher created Google Classrooms for each class. It is important that we get all of our students engaged in learning again as participation is required. We recognize the difficulties that families are experiencing during this time and ask that all students try their best to participate in the activities being provided. Flexibility is at the forefront of our planning and expectations. If students have not already done so, they can log into their Google Classrooms and access the instruction that is being provided. Information on how to access those classrooms is posted on the Pleasant Valley Home Learning site. Our essential goal is to provide continued new learning and meaningful feedback for students without creating additional challenges and barriers for your child or your family. 

    As stated before, new learning activities will continue to be posted throughout the school closure. They will be available on-demand in an asynchronous format. This means that students are not required to log in at specific times of day to receive instruction, but can complete the learning activities at their own pace at a time that is most convenient for them and your family’s circumstances. There may be occasional synchronous sessions that will require students to attend at specific times. New learning will be uploaded by 10AM each day in daily lesson plans. These lesson plans explain everything that students should be doing, provide resources, and provide optional enrichment activities that can be done if the student wishes to do more once they complete their required learning activities. All of your child’s teachers are available through virtual office hours every week for assistance. Learning activities that your child submits will be reviewed by the teacher, and your child will receive feedback on the activity. 

    The best way to monitor your child’s online schoolwork is to have them log into Google Classroom with you. They will be able to show you the lesson plans being posted by their teachers and the feedback they are receiving for submitted work. 

    We recognize that all of the material that would normally be covered cannot be addressed given current circumstances. During the week of March 30th, teachers reviewed each curriculum and identified the essential content and skills that must be addressed prior to the end of the school year in order for students to successfully move on next year. Learning objectives and work expectations will be as consistent and flexible as possible in all classes. 

    Our technology staff will continue to work to get devices out to families during this time. The district is providing one device per family in need while supplies last. If the family already has a device, they are asked to use their personal devices so that district devices can be provided to families without devices. If you do not have internet access or a device, please contact the PVI main office or your child’s teacher as soon as possible so that we can assist you in acquiring what is needed. Our special education department will also continue working with families to  insure equitable learning for all of our students with special needs.

    School District Calendar

    As we continue with the 2019-2020 school year, we will continue to follow the approved Pleasant Valley School District Calendar. This means that all scheduled non-instructional days will continue and students will not receive new instruction on these days and the school year will end as previously scheduled on the same date. 


    Assignments completed during this transition in learning will not be traditionally graded. The decision not to traditionally grade during this time is important because we recognize that current conditions could interfere with student learning. Once new learning begins on April 6th, we want to provide learning and meaningful feedback for students without creating additional challenges and barriers. However, it is necessary for students to complete the learning activities in order to remain on pace with their classmates. Therefore, teachers will be providing feedback on a 1-4 assessment rubric that they will provide to students. All learning activities will be Pass or Fail, and teachers will continue to communicate with students through Google Classrooms and through Home Access Center (HAC) the Pass/Fail results of their work.

    At this time, the 3rd Marking Period is officially complete. On April 6th, we started distance learning and the 4th marking period. More details of how 4th Marking Period grades will be handled can be found by clicking HERE. REports for the 3rd Marking Period report cards will be available later in April on Home Access Center. Information will be provided at a later date in April on when and how they can be accessed when they are ready.


    Participation in new learning or “attendance” is mandatory for students beginning Monday April 6th. Although traditional attendance will not be tracked in Home Access Center, teachers will monitor student engagement in online activities. Members of our staff and administration will be in contact with the parents/guardians of students who are not completing online activities to provide notification and support if needed.


    Your child’s school counselors will be available to provide social, emotional, and academic support as we move forward. Feel free to email your child’s counselor to request support if needed. Our grade level counselors also have grade level Google Classrooms for their students to help complete required Career Education Lessons/Evidence.

    Students with disabilities will receive enhanced support in completing the online learning activities from our learning support teachers and case managers. Assignments will be modified and accommodations provided consistent with student’s IEPs or 504 agreements. English Learners will also receive necessary accommodations under the support and supervision of our English as a Second Language teachers. Gifted and Speech and Language services will also be provided in accordance with student’s GIEPs and IEPs.


    Mr. Breiner and Mrs. Askins will be posting video announcements on the Pleasant Valley School District Home Learning Resources site daily. You will find them under the PVI tab in the drop down menu.

    Contacting Us:

    As you know, our building remains closed. You can continue to call the building with questions and your messages will be returned throughout the week. You can also contact your child’s teacher, counselor, Mrs. Askins, Mr. Dudley, or me at any time through email. 

    On behalf of the faculty, staff, and administration at Pleasant Valley Intermediate School I want to thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we do our best during this unprecedented time. We are excited to partner with you in this new journey for all of us. Please stay safe and healthy.



    Todd Breiner Principal – breiner.todd@pvbears.org

    Pleasant Valley Intermediate School

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  • PVI Parent Title I Information


    Parent Survey


    PVI Schoolwide Planning and Title I Parent Meeting Agenda


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  • Spring Meeting

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    The mission of the Pleasant Valley Intermediate School is to inspire all students toward physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth as lifelong learners.




    The goal of the Pleasant Valley Intermediate School is to create and maintain a support system that enables all children to meet with success. Determining what works for each child through the collaborative efforts of the school, home and community accomplish this process. We believe that all children belong and learn best with their age appropriate peers. We also believe that it is our responsibility to educate all our children in an optimal educational environment that addresses their academic, social and emotional needs. Children identified as having special needs will receive additional support through special education teachers working with the classroom teacher. In this way, all children can benefit while learning to appreciate diversity.


    Pleasant Valley Intermediate also offers school counseling services to all of its students. Our basic concern in the guidance department is to improve each individual’s self-image. Our primary function, in cooperation with the other professional staff, is to promote the physical, intellectual, and moral/ethical maturity in each student.

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  • PVI Parent Pick Up/Early Dismissal Email

    For your convenience, parent pick up and early dismissal notes can be emailed to pviparentpickup@pvbears.org by 2:00 PM. Please feel free to cc your child’s teachers however, once the office is notified, the student and teacher will be notified as well.

    As always, notes can also be sent in with your child or faxed to the office at 610-681-8666.

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