Eligibility Guide

College Bound Student Athlete Eligibility Resources:


NCAA Eligibility Presentation   

A narrated overview of the NCAA Eligibility process.  Bear                                               

Eligibility Center     

This site will allow students to create an account and determine their eligibility. 

 NCAA Video Tutorial   

NCAA Eligibility Center Registration Video Tutorial

 NCAA Approved Courses   Bear Mural

PVHS NCAA Approved Courses

Division 1 Requirements   

Division I Academic Requirements

Division II Academic Requirements   50 Years

Division II Academic Requirements (Current)

Division II Academic Requirements   

Division II Academic Requirements (2018 and Beyond)

Division 3 Academic Requirements   GO Bears

Division III schools set their own admissions standards and requirements.


Additional Resources:



Additional Collegiate Athletic Associations:

NAIA    National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

NJCAA    National Junior College Athletic Association




  Important It is the responsibility of each student-athlete/family to be aware of Eligibility Guidelines. It is our hope to provide you with all the information, resources, and guidance to follow your collegiate athletic aspirations and prevent those students that are athletically eligible from being deemed academically ineligible. Your success depends upon realistic evaluations of your ability, both in the classroom and in the sports arena.




Last Modified on January 11, 2017