.25 HS English credit

    Students interested in being considered for English Honors Prep must meet all of the following criteria:

    1) 6th grade Advanced PSSA ELA score

    NOTE: Students must have a PSSA score to be considered.

    2) 7th grade STAR Advanced level on fall, winter and spring benchmark assessments

    3) 7th grade STAR Instructional Reading level at 9+

    4) 7th grade English Language Arts/Reading combined AVERAGE of 92 at time of entrance exam

    5) 7th Grade Advanced PSSA ELA score

    6) Successful completion of entrance examination and essay


    Students accepted into the 8th grade English Honors Prep are responsible for the mandatory completion of Chains by Laura Halse Anderson and the independent assignment which will be submitted on the first day of class. Additional independent reading selections will be assigned throughout the course of the year. Failure to submit these assignments on time could result in the removal from the English Honors Prep course.


    This course will be a combined block-scheduled course which will include the 8th grade English Language Arts (ELA) and Reading curriculum which will address and be in full compliance with the ELA and reading Pennsylvania Core State Standards (PCSS) and grade level skill anchors. It will focus on building excellence in writing, vocabulary and literature in all genres and structures, as well as a variety of nonfiction text, while increasing the rigor of expectations within the units and assignments. The integrated curriculum will continue to build on all literacy skills in preparation for the successful transition to the rigors of the 9th grade Honors Curriculum. Successful completion of this course will guarantee entrance to the HS 9th grade Honors English class.



Last Modified on September 11, 2018