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    It is widely known that the Pleasant Valley School District is dedicated to meeting the needs of all learners across all content areas to ensure readiness for college and careers. The study of Mathematics plays an important role in student development as it prepares them for the future as an informed and productive citizen.

    In order to align students for mathematical success, it is imperative to have an effective process for placing students on the appropriate trajectory for mathematics instruction through the middle school level. In concert with the placement process, is the requirement for all students to master key concepts and practices in order to develop and utilize their mathematical competence. This thinking provides the foundation for the necessary confidence and academic prowess our students will need as they continue in future mathematics study. Therefore, our goal is to find the mathematical “sweet spot” for our learners including the provision for students to move fluidly and flexibly between courses when appropriate.

    It is understood that the learning needs of Pleasant Valley students are varied, yet unique. To support these needs, Mathematical Pathways have been created for the following five purposes:

    1. To clearly define data driven benchmarks for placement into math courses that will maximize foundational learning and decrease potential learning gaps.
    2. To provide clear and transparent communication to teachers, students and parents regarding best instructional placement options for students.
    3. To support and monitor student transitions into appropriate pathways enhancing the achievement of mathematical standards.
    4. To utilize cross-grade placement options for elementary to middle and middle to high school level classes when appropriate and necessary to meet student needs.
    5. To emphasize mathematical enrichment and remediation at all levels to the maximum extent possible for all students.

    The following presentation is provided to support parent understanding of placement options for their students.

    PVSD Mathematical Pathways Parent Information

    This informational session for parents was held on December 13, 2018.  If you were unable to attend but would like to view the presentation, click the link below:

    Math Pathways Presentation

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