• All PVI students have started a new computer program to explore their interests and abilities and relate those to possible careers. 

    6th graders will be using Xello. They will be receiving 3 lessons throughout this school year to familiarize themselves with the website. They will be able to access their account through the remainder of their school career to help plan their career path. Students will begin by taking a learning style inventory to determine if they are visual, auditory or tactile learners. The importance of knowing what type of learner you are will be discussed. Xello also allows students to take Matchmaker quizzes to determine their interests in relations to careers. Once the quizzes are complete, Xello will provide careers that match those interests. Students may then explore those careers to gain important information. Careers of particular interest may be saved to become part of their profile.

    4th and 5th graders will be using ccSpark!. For students in the elementary grades, career exploration is about learning and understanding life skills such as personal awareness, goal setting, and positive social interactions. ccSpark! enables students to practice these skills. Students will also become familiar with the different career paths. This computer program is a role playing game presented through episodes revolving around the village of Sparkdale. Students will travel through the village interacting with characters of varying occupations.  Students will encounter situations that require critical thinking and decision making skills to solve. Each episode is followed up by a reflection activity which encourages students to reflect on the career concepts they experienced in the game and connect them to their personal interests and abilities. All 4th and 5th grade students will be given the opportunity to do three lessons during the remainder of this school year. Using the ccspark link below, students will be able to access their account at home to Career complete additional lessons.

    6th Grade Xello link: https://xello.world/en/

    4th and 5th Grade ccSpark! link: https://ccspark.careercruising.com/

    If you have any questions regarding the career information above, please contact the counseling office at extension 3011.

    Happy Exploring!!

Last Modified on March 21, 2019