• Pleasant Valley Cyber Academy Updates


    In light of all the issues many families have experienced with our Pleasant Valley Cyber Academy (PVCA), this webpage has been created to keep families informed on our current progress. Please frequently check this page for updates as we continue to move PVCA in the right direction. 

    Latest ConnectED calls: 

    Date Called - 10/9/20


    This is Chuck Tomori, District Technology Coordinator of Pleasant Valley School District. I am calling in regards to your child being enrolled in our Cyber Academy with what is called a Seat License. In order to correct the issues that many families have been experiencing with our Cyber Program, a conversion from the Seat License to a Full Support License is needed. We had the goal to start the cutover process for Monday, October 12th 2020, however acquiring the licenses in order to do this are still being finalized. With the amount of confusion that has shadowed our Cyber Academy, I want to assure you that we are looking to make this conversion as quick as possible without compromising the accuracy of this conversion. With that said, another connectedED call will be set for Monday, October 12th 2020, to provide further information in regards to the cutover process. Thank you and have a great weekend!


    Date Called - 10/12/20


    This is Chuck Tomori, District Technology Coordinator of Pleasant Valley School District. I am calling you in regards to our current progress with PV Cyber Academy. At this point we have submitted the final report to VLN which will allow us to start the procedure to convert the Seat Licenses to Full Supported Licenses. Once VLN is done with this, I will be reaching out to you once more to inform you on what will need to be done in detail in order to make this transition successful. Another ConnectedEd call will go out once we are at this point, which is planned to happen before the end of the week. Thank you.


    Date Called - 10/15/20



    This is Chuck Tomori, District Technology Coordinator of Pleasant Valley School District. I am calling you with another update with our current progress with PV Cyber Academy. We have completed the conversion process from Seat Licences to Full supported licenses and can proceed with the next step to disable all Seat Licenses. 

    What this means for you

    -On October 19th, 2020 if your student is currently logging in with a Seat License, this login will be disabled

    -Prior to being disabled, you will receive an email with a new Welcome Letter which will contain a new login that is now tied to the Full Supported License. This new login is what they will use on October 19th, 2020 and will continue to use for the rest of the school year.

    -Students that have completed work up to this point will also continue to work on their next Module, but under this new login.

    -All prior work that has been completed will be preserved and will not be lost.

    -Students that have not currently logged in with their old Seat License and have no prior work will start on Module 8.

    -All students must be aware that you now have a homeroom in which attendance will be taken. This will be explained further in the new Welcome Letter. 


    Anyone that is having any issues please contact 570-402-1000 X4040, but please state that it is in regards to the new login. Lastly, to increase communication with this process, I have created a tab on the Homepage of Pleasant Valley’s website called PVCA Update. Please refer to this as it will be updated with detailed information as we move forward. Thank you.


    Date Called - 10/30/20


    This is Chuck Tomori, District Technology Coordinator of Pleasant Valley School District. I am calling you in regards to updated information on PV Cyber Academy. First, I would like to state that on the Pleasant Valley’s Homepage there is a Tab that says PVCA Updates. Please refer to this webpage, as it will be updated with current and detailed information.

    As the 1st Marking Period is coming to an end, there are some concerns that I would like to address:

    With the difficult start to the school year, I would like to reassure all parents that we are working to make certain that students will not be held accountable by this late start. We are working with VLN to make accommodations to get all students back on track regardless of when they officially started with PVCA. Again, please refer to the PVCA Updates tab for more detailed information on this.
    Marking Period 1 Grades are still in process of being graded. With the large demand for Remote Learning, VLN has hired more staff to accommodate this increase and we should start to see a better response time in grading.

    Books are still being ordered and delivered everyday. As they arrive, you can expect a phone call on when to pick up the available books.

    Lastly, I would like to remind any families that have not submitted their child’s immunization records. The State mandatory deadline to do so is approaching. Students in 7th grade have until November 2nd, 2020 to submit these records; all other grades have until November 9th, 2020. Failure to do so will result in their VLN access being disabled and any missed days will be deemed an unlawful absence.

    Please call 570-402-1000 x4040 if you have any issues or concerns, but please refer to the PVCA Update Tab prior to calling to see if your question may already have an answer.

    Thank you and have a great weekend.


    Date Called - 11/16/20


    This is Chuck Tomori, District Technology Coordinator of Pleasant Valley School District. I am calling you in regards to another update with Pleasant Valley Cyber Academy.

    With the large increase in student enrollment in PVCA, we have expanded our department to accommodate the greater demand. This expansion allows us to specialize our staff for different grade levels to better suit the needs of our students. That being said, please note the following changes in contacting PVCA:

    Students K-6th:
        - Please call X 6067 for any questions or concerns.
        - A PVCA Cyber office has been created at Pleasant Valley Elementary School in which Mrs. Saylor is located.
        - K-6th Cyber equipment and material will be located at this site for pickup.

    Students 7th-12th:
        - There have been no changes in procedures.
        - You will continue to call X4040 for any questions or concerns.
        - You will continue to come to the Pleasant Valley High School for any equipment and material that are needed.

    I would also like to remind all parents to make sure their child is signing into their Homeroom every day. We are noticing a large number of absences despite classwork being submitted. Though this work is being completed, your child will still receive an unexcused absence if they are not present at Homeroom. Phone calls are being made at the start of this week to ensure all families are aware of their students’ absences in order to make sure they can be corrected.

    Thank you and have a great day!