The following information is being provided to explain what is to be expected for the end of Marking Period 1 for students who experienced difficulties at the start of the year. Please review the information below:


    As of November 2nd, 2020 the 2nd Marking Period will start for VLN.


    Due to the difficult start PVCA experienced, we have assessed 3 scenarios in which students will fall under. We would like to stress once more that students will not be held responsible for work they could not complete due to this difficult start.


    Scenario 1: Students that converted from Unsupported Licenses to Full Supported Licenses

    • As stated during the conversion process, all prior work has been preserved. 
    • Marking Period 1 grades will be based on Mod 8 & Mod 9 assignments ONLY.
    • Mod 10 starts the 2nd Marking Period in which ALL work must be completed from this point on. This includes ALL Test, Quizzes & Assignments.  


    Scenario 2: Students that have NOT started any work and Now have Full Supported Licenses

    • We are working with VLN in order to design a Marking Period 2 that will be "blended" with Marking Period 1. 
    • A list has been provided to VLN for the students that fall into this scenarios. Their VLN Teachers will work with these students to ensure that they are still able to learn their past Mods, but not fall behind with their current Mod.


    Scenario 3: Students Moving to PVCA for Marking Period 2

    • These students will be receiving a phone call when to collect their Cyber Material and Welcome Letter.
    • These Students will need to start on MOD 10 as that is the start of Marking Period 2.


    Book Shortage Updates

    We are now receiving books consistently from our vendors and have been contacting families as they arrive. As we are moving more efficiently, we are expecting this wait time to decrease. Please expect a call in the near future.