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Dr. Konrad's Biography




Dr. James Konrad has proudly served as the Superintendent of Pleasant Valley School District since December 2021. The district is located in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, and serves 5,000 students in grades K-12, covering a broad landscape of over 110 square miles. 

With a rich educational background spanning 19 years in public education, Dr. Konrad has held various roles, including math teacher, special education teacher, Director of Special Education, Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Instructional Improvements, and Teacher Evaluations. His last seven years have been dedicated to serving as a Superintendent in Pennsylvania, a testament to his vast experience and expertise.

Dr. Konrad's leadership is marked by his proactive approach to understanding the district's needs. He works closely with his School Board Directors, principals, teachers, support staff, students, and the community, fostering a culture of trust and teamwork.  His commitment to securing necessary resources and partnerships is driven by his understanding of the diverse needs of the district, ensuring all learners have access to the best teachers, resources, programs, partnerships, and post-secondary options in college and career.

As a graduate of Duquesne University, Dr. Konrad earned his bachelor's degree in Science in Elementary and Special Education while remaining a four-year starter on the men’s Division 1 soccer team. He is also a graduate of Temple University, earning his master’s degree in Educational Administration, his master’s degree in Business Administration, and his doctoral degree in Educational Administration.

Over the years, Dr. Konrad's tenure at Pleasant Valley School District has been characterized by his inclusive and transparent communication. Through district collaboration meetings, superintendent advisory committee meetings, and focus groups, he has fostered an environment of trust, making staff, parents, and students feel valued and included.  His visionary and collaborative leadership style and unwavering commitment to promoting individual and collective growth have led to stronger relationships within the school community and a significant boost in student achievement.