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Livestream Instructions


Pleasant Valley has recently installed Pixellot cameras giving us the ability to livestream events held in the high school gymnasium and also in the stadium. Below are the instructions as to how to access these livestreamed events.

1. Go to
NFHS Network

2. Search Pleasant Valley High School – Brodheadsville, PA

3. Click on the event you want to watch At this point you will be asked to subscribe. You will have the option to subscribe for a month (30 days from the time you subscribe) for $10.99 or for the year at $69.99. Keep in mind these are NFHS Network’s rates, not Pleasant Valley’s. The subscription will allow you watch any Pleasant Valley event wherever they are being livestreamed by NFHS Network. All of the Monroe County schools have NFHS Network livestream capability, so you won’t have to miss any of our games or matches.