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PVSD Sports Registration Instructions 

All students who plan to try-out for a school sport MUST complete a FamilyID Registration, PIAA Sports Physical, and an ImPACT Baseline Concussion Test  prior to the official start date of their respective athletic seasons. 

FamilyID (ArbiterSports) Instructions

  • Go to the Family ID tab and click Create Account (if new) or Login (if account already exists) in the top right corner. You can also access the login page directly by clicking  ArbiterSports

  • Search “Pleasant Valley School District” on either your Dashboard or Find Programs.

  • Select the school and the available program listed (e.g., Spring Athletic Program 2022-23.

  • Everything marked with a red asterisk must be completed in order to submit registration.

  • Read through ALL the instructions at the top of the registration and click Register Now.

  • If this is the first time ever registering an athlete, under Participant Information, select New Participant and fill out all the required information. In future seasons, your athlete’s information should automatically populate and the information reviewed and updated. 

  • Make sure to answer all questions and Agree/Sign all Agreements and Policies.

  • Answer Pop-Up questions related to ArbiterSports and College Athletics.

  • Once the registration is complete, click Save and Continue. Review your information and click Submit Registration.

FamilyID Troubleshooting 

Why won’t the registration page let me click Save and Continue?

  • Make sure ALL questions have been answered. 

  • Near the top of the registration page, check the St. Luke’s HIPAA Policy section and make sure your answer has been selected AND typed out in the text box. 

  • On some phone browsers, there are pop-ups specifically from ArbiterSports that do not show up or close out the registration page without saving. If this happens, please try to complete the registration on a computer.

I thought I completed a registration, but I’ve been contacted saying I haven’t. Why isn’t it showing up?

  • Most likely, your registration has only been Saved. Click on the Registrations tab and select the registration. Once selected, click Submit Registration.

  • Check to make sure the correct sport was selected. 

I did not finish my registration. Can I go back to it later?

  • As long as you Saved your registration, you should be able to access and edit it.

  • If you exited the registration prior to saving, you will have to start over from the beginning. 

PIAA Pre-Participation Sports Physical Instructions

  • Every student who tries out for a sport is required to complete a PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE). The CIPPE only needs to be completed ONCE per academic year.

  • The CIPPE must be dated AFTER June 1, 2023. CIPPEs dated before June 1, 2023 will not be valid or accepted.

  • ONLY Sections 5: Health History and 6: Evaluation And Certification Of Authorized Medical Examiner of the CIPPE need to be completed. You DO NOT need to fill out Sections 1-4 as they are done via FamilyID. The parent/guardian and the athlete need to fill out and sign Section 5. Section 6 of the PIAA Physical must be completed, signed, and dated by a physician. 

  • Copies of the PIAA CIPPE are available in the Athletic Office, the Athletic Training Room, or you can download and print it here: PIAA CIPPE 5+6

  • You can either turn in a hard-copy of the completed Sections 5 and 6 to the Athletic Trainers OR you can upload copies of both documents directly to your FamilyID Registration.  

  • If you are unable to get an appointment with your family doctor, sports physicals can be completed at any St. Luke’s Care Now facility. No appointment is needed and the cost is $25. 


If you have questions or are experiencing issues with the registration process, please reach out to one of the Athletic Trainers listed below: 

Erika Trout (High School)

Jerry Dancho (High School)

DJ Snyder (Middle School) 

ImPACT Baseline Concussion Test Instructions

Does your Student-Athlete need to take the ImPACT Test?

  • ALL 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th grade athletes musttake the ImPACT Test priorto the start of their season (once per academic year).

  • EVERYNEW athlete, regardless of grade, must take the ImPACT Test prior to the start of their season.

  • An athlete ONLY needs to take the ImPACT Test ONCE per academic year. 

  • If you are unsure if your athlete needs to take the ImPACT Test, please contact the coach or one of the Athletic Trainers listed below.

PVSD ImPACT Baseline Concussion Test Instructions

  1. The test must be taken on a computer or tablet, not a cell phone. If using a browser other than Chrome, you may need to disable popup blockers.

  2. The test will take approximately 20-30 minutes and must be completed in one session.

  3. Put away all cell phones and other devices and make sure you are in a quiet room without any distractions. It is possible to have an invalid test if it is not taken seriously.  If that happens, a PVSD Athletic Trainer will contact you and you will have to take the test a second time.

  4. Go to Impact Test Online Enter the code: AZYV8QSNXT and hit Validate.

  5. St. Luke’s Primary Care Sports Medicine will display. Select Pleasant Valley School District from the dropdown list, then click Launch Baseline Test.

  6. Follow the instructions through the rest of the test. Once you have completed the Baseline test, you DO NOT need to print or email the results to anyone. To exit the test when finished, simply close the window.

If you have any questions or are having trouble accessing the test, visit the ImPACT Test help center 
Impact Baseline Test or feel free to contact your Athletic Trainers:

Erika Trout (High School)

Jerry Dancho (High School)

DJ Snyder (Middle School) 


If you are interested in what the ImPACT Test is and why the Athletic Training staff requires it, you can find more information here: What is ImPACT