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Our History

A Brief History of the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation

The Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation was formed in June of 1997 through the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Frank Pullo and Assistant to the Superintendent Christopher Fisher. Over the years, the foundation has had a board of directors composed of volunteers who were alumni, parents, former educators, community members, and businesspersons.

During its existence, the foundation has raised and distributed funds to support the students, staff, and community through its grant program. To date, nearly $500,000 has been raised to fulfill this endeavor, and which has been dispensed in annual grant awards totaling approximately $20,000.

Presently, following a lull in the awarding of grants due to the pandemic, the foundation is continuing its efforts to foster innovation, empower educators, inspire learning, and support students.

Looking back, we are truly grateful to Dr. Pullo for his leadership in helping to form the foundation and his subsequent support for its efforts. Likewise, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Fisher for his guidance, leadership, and tireless efforts in making our foundation an entity that has lent valuable support to our school district, its students, its staff, and our community.

Looking forward, the foundation will continue to work hard in its efforts to increase its support of our school district through its grant program and other endeavors that coincide with its stated mission.