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STREAM Learning at PVMS


Beginning this school year, Pleasant Valley Middle School students will be engaged in our first STREAM “outside the classroom” based learning experiences during weekly WIN periods. 

Our 7th grade students will collaboratively design the most environmentally free and wildlife safe procedure to clean up an oil spill using key research and hands on, problem based learning skills. In their learning teams, students will use a variety of materials and information to design their group hypotheses and procedures for the development of an environmentally sound solution. Through this process, students are learning how to create and record their hypothesis, procedures, and conclusions for public presentation. 

Our 8th grade students, are following the same collaborative procedures and protocols with the challenge of creating a sea wall to protect roadways from hurricane strength surges and waves. 

Both of these STREAM projects utilize the engineering design process promoting student inquiry and critical thinking skills to solve a real world problem and design a plan for success.

Through the process, students will find there may be multiple solutions to a single problem. More importantly, if success is not readily found, students will gain experience in the collaborative and iterative redesign process.