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Act 153 – School Volunteer
Link to Information: Keep Kids Safe

Thank you for considering volunteer services in the Pleasant Valley School District. The District appreciates your willingness to assist us in the implementation of our many programs which benefit our students. Please work with your school office to complete the volunteer application.

Due to the passing of Act 153 and through recent amendments to the law, a school volunteer who is responsible for the welfare of children OR has direct volunteer contact with children because he/she provides care, supervision, guidance or control of children AND has routine interaction with children is required to provide the school principal with the following information prior to beginning service as a volunteer in the District.  New volunteers are required to provide clearances that are less than one year old.  Active volunteers with no break in service are required to renew clearances every 60 months

Please be sure to keep copies of all your items as you complete the process.



  • Select New Volunteer Record Check.
  • Complete form as prompted.
  • Results are typically instantaneous unless they are “under review”, in which case, note your reference number and date of application and use that information to check back on the “epatch” website periodically until your results are available.
  • Print clearance (be sure to click all the way through to the “certification form” button – the document you print must show your SSN, DOB, etc. – DO NOT USE THE “RECEIPT”). You will not receive a paper copy in the mail.


  • Child Welfare Portal
  • Create an account with a valid email address, following directions. You will be asked for a Keystone ID# ‐ this is a number you must create using the parameters. You will receive an email with a temporary password to log in and then you will be prompted to create your own password. Once this is done and you log into account, accept the terms and conditions and complete the process.
  • For Application purposes, select first option; other – enter Pleasant Valley School District
  • Complete all additional information.
  • Following the process, you will receive an email with an ID number. Results within 14 days; you will receive an email when your report is ready for review. Log‐in using the same password you created when applying. You will be able to access and print out the results.
  • Response time may be immediate if done online (make sure to print) or up to two weeks if mailed. You will not receive a paper copy in the mail.


  • Go to: IdentoGo
  • Scroll down to Enrollment Services and select digital fingerprinting
  • Enter 1KG6XN as the Service Code
  • Click on Schedule/Manage Appointment
  • Go through the screens and enter information required
  • Based on your zip code, you will be given a list of IdentoGO service centers. Click on where you wish to go to be printed. You can make an appointment online or click walk‐in.
  • Print the Service Summary Page. You will need to bring this and identification with you.
  • The cost of the FBI clearance is $28.75 and the volunteer is responsible for that expense.
  • Volunteers who have lived in PA for 10 or more years do not need to complete the FBI clearance. They must sign the "Affidavit Regarding Qualification for Volunteer Service



  • The law does not contain a provision to allow modifications for school staff/volunteers. They must be tested "prior to working for the school." (28 PA Code, Section 23.44). The tuberculin skin test shall be performed by a physician of the volunteer’s choice.

Once ALL the items are completed, please give the entire packet to your school office. Incomplete packets will be sent back to your school office. They will forward the items to Human Resources for final approval. Volunteer service can not start until HR approves the documents.