• Some Questions You Might Have About This Project...

    Question:  I have already completed a lot of community service in the past. Can I use those hours for this project?

    Answer:  NO - You need to reach out to secure a community service opportunity, record it on the contract form, and then get it approved by your administrator.  After approval, you may officially start and complete your community service hours.  

    Question:  I am in FBLA and we do community service all the time.  Can I use those hours for this project?

    Answer:  YES and NO -  As long as the hours are approved by your administrator, and they occur from your approval date on.  Any hours that you completed prior to your approval date, do not count.  Please note none of your community service hours can be completed during school hours.  

    Question:  I'm interested in job shadowing someone in the medical field.  How do I go about setting this up?

    Answer:  I would suggest contacting your family doctor's office to ask them if they can help you with this scenario. One of the best ways might involve talking to your family and friends to see if they know someone who works in the medical field that can help you secure a job shadow experience.

    Question:  Can I get paid during my job shadow?

    Answer: NO -  You may not get paid for the hours you are on the job shadow.  

    Question:  Can I complete these hours somewhere other than in Pennsylvania?

    Answer:  YES of course


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