Dr. James R. Konrad
    Superintendent of Schools

    Welcome to the Pleasant Valley School District. Pleasant Valley is a dynamic school district, dedicated to providing all children in our community with a quality education.
    As superintendent, I am fortunate to have a team of people who continuously reflect on our district’s mission and district goals, along with our district's policies, to guide our decision-making processes.

    Mission: Excellence in Education – A Community Commitment
    District Goals

    1. To improve student performance and achievement.

    2. To provide a safe school environment for all students and staff.

    3. To improve methods for effectively communicating with our school district residents.

    4. To design and deliver a comprehensive staff development program for all classifications of personnel that ensures a cycle of continuous growth and improvement.

    5. To conduct studies that focus on current and future facilities and staff needed by the school district to improve efficiency of operation.

    I encourage you to visit our website and evidence experiences where our students and staff continue to excel to very high levels of performance in the areas of academics and extra-curricular activities. Our Facebook page also provides a plethora of information regarding all of our schools.

    The value of a PVSD education goes beyond high academic performance. A PVSD education is about engaging the "whole" child – building relationships and enabling and encouraging our students to grow, explore, achieve and develop skills for life. This includes experiences within our vast array of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular programs.

    We are grateful for your support of our schools and for your continued investment in our most important resource – the young people of the West End.

    Superintendent's Performance Standards

    Standard 1: Developing and Implementing Shared Vision, Goals and Annual Measurable Objectives

    The superintendent collaborates with the board to develop district-wide goals and annual measurable objectives that support the district’s comprehensive plan and promotes district success through the systematic implementation of effective strategies, and the monitoring and evaluation of progress.  District-wide goals and annual measurable objectives are clearly defined with action steps and identified outcomes.  The goals and objectives are calculated to advance the district’s performance and/or reduce a gap or challenge faced by the district (including academic, fiscal, human resources and technology).

    Standard 2: Student Growth and Achievement 

    The superintendent focuses on the academic growth and achievement of district students and uses multiple data sources for assessment.  The superintendent implements research-based strategies and initiatives to develop, support, monitor and evaluate district curriculum, assessment systems, programs, and services to support student growth and achievement.

    Standard 3: Governance and Administration

    The superintendent consistently collaborates with the board to establish policies and procedures that promote effective relationships between the superintendent and the board, as well as high-quality education for all students.  The superintendent understands the difference between public school governance and administration and demonstrates the ability to implement policy through the administrative role.

    Standard 4: Effective Management: District Operations

    The superintendent consistently leads, monitors and evaluations the management of operations to ensure the organizational resources are managed efficiently and effectively.  The superintendent ensures that fiscal and technological resources are allocated appropriately.  The superintendent also ensures that organizational time is aligned with the support of effective district operations.

    Standard 5: Effective Management:  Personnel

    The superintendent implements and recommends improvements to the district’s professional development plan.  The superintendent also ensures that professional and support staff are equipped with resources and training to support quality instruction and student learning.