• Educational Trips

    Educational Trip Student Release Form 

    Approval must be requested in advance for any educational trip taken during the school year. The principal must be notified at least two weeks prior to the absence. No student may spend more than a total of five (5) school days on an approved educational trip in any given school year. Extended trips must be discussed with the building administrator to outline necessary requirements. 


    The Pleasant Valley Middle School Attendance Email is [email protected]. Please see Attendance tab on the Middle School homepage.

    Homework Policy 

    The Pleasant Valley Middle School has a 24-hour homework policy for all students.  Requests must be made through Ms. Janotti in the Main Office. To make a request for homework you may either email her at janotti.jil[email protected] or call her at 570-402-1000 x 2001.  

    PVMS Water Bottle Procedure

    Students are allowed to carry a water bottle as long as it is resealable and spillproof. The only stipulation is only water is permitted.

    Working Papers

    Students or parents request working papers from the attending school.  Parents may come to the office to fill out the application and present the school with the required documents (birth certificate etc.) or a student can get an application to bring home.  Proof of age documentation is provided and copied or emailed to the issuing officer (scanned picture).  Upon approval, the juvenile is given the working papers which must be signed in front of the issuing officer whether the parent is present or not. 

    Other Important Information/Forms

     MCTI Application

    SHARe Team Referral Form