• Bear
    D. Butchkoski

    Grade(s): 7th grade 
    Subject(s): Reading
    Teacher Biography: I have been a seventh grade teacher at Pleasant Valley since 1998.  I truly enjoy spending my days with the children in the seventh grade. The middle school is a great place to be!  I live in the school district with my husband and two teenage daughters.  I also have two dogs.  My daughters are very active in the community.  However, if I do find spare time, I enjoy traveling and reading. 
    Academic Background: I have two degrees from ESU.  My undergraduate degree is in special education and my masters degree is in Reading.  I enjoy reading many, many types of literature and I try to share my enthusiasm with the students.  I expose them to many different types of genres throughout the school year. We discuss reading strategies throughout the class so that they can be ready for the challenges in their future of literacy.