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    The Pleasant Valley School District Business Office is located in the Pleasant Valley School District Administration Building on Route 115 in Brodheadsville. Employees within the Business Office have responsibility for Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Revenues, Employee Benefits, and Debt Service. The Business Office administers school district funds, such as funds the General Fund, which is the school district's major operating fund that accounts for all financial resources except those required to be in another fund; the Capital Projects Fund, which accounts for the proceeds and use of money that can be used only for capital improvements and for replacements of and additions to public works and improvements not financed by the Enterprise Fund or Trust Fund; and an Agency fund in which the school district accounts for assets held as an agent for various student activities.

    At PV, we realize that, as we strive to efficiently carry out our primary mission of educating the children of the West End, we are indeed responsible to the local taxpayers who contribute to meet the revenue needs of the school district as we endeavor to invest wisely in our future, which is based upon effectively educating the students of our school district.


    All of the school district’s financial transactions are the responsibility of the Business Office. Developing and administering a budget is one of the most important and challenging duties facing any school district. The school district’s fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th, and the school district begins developing the budget for the subsequent fiscal year in late summer, with the process concluding in June when the Board adopts a final budget.


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