RFP for Student Information System

    Dr. Lee J. Lesisko
    Director of Technology
    Pleasant Valley School District
    Pleasant Valley High School
    1671 RT 209
    Brodheadsville, PA 18322
    570-402-1000 Extension 4040

    The following are vendor questions, as well as our answers regarding the above RFP. 

    1. We would like to clarify the reference on page #8 of your RFP.  Is the table on page 8, in the box identified as “Technical Requirements”, referring to Section #4 (on page 2) listed under “Project Specifications and Requirements” or will we need access to a separate technical requirements matrix that can be provided to us? 
      1. The technical Requirements refers to Section #4 on page 2 listed under “Project Specifications and Requirements”.  Sorry for my incompetence.

    2. In section #4  “Project Specifications and Requirements, (page 3), numbers 6 and 7 note integration with ‘3rd party applications’ and ‘ancillary systems’.  Would you be so kind as to provide a list of the 3rd party and ancillary systems your district is currently utilizing so that we can provide a correct and specific answer to be sure all mission critical systems will be working together for the best solution?
      1. Blackboard Connect
      2. Registration Gateway
      3. eTrition
      4. Renaissance Learning Star Math
      5. Xello
      6. ID Badge
      7. DRC
      8. PIMS
      9. Cybersoft PrimeoEdge
      10. Destiny Library Manager
      11. Active Directory
      12. G Suite for Education
      1. PVSD seeks a solution that is both flexible and scalable to meet current and future data exports.  The school district currently interfaces with:
    3. If indeed your delivery method is electronic OR paper as noted (Section #16, page 7),we would like to verify that the email address provided for return of our response to your RFP can accept a larger file which may be as large as 10MB.  Can the email address accept this size file?
      1. As of April 23, 2019 PVSD will be switching email from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail.  A Google search indicates that the limitation for a Gmail attachment without using Google Drive is 25MB.   If you send an email to me at lesisko.lee@pvbears.org I will verify that we received the proposal. 
    4. Does the District use standards-based grading and if so, how many different standards based report cards (different grade levels, languages) does the district use or expect to use?

      1. ​In the K-3 elementary school we do report competencies on ​the report cards in English.  At the 4-6 intermediate school we report competencies, as well as a grade.  At the middle and high school we do not use standards based grading.  

    5. How many years of data conversion from the current system will be required?

      1. ​My understanding is that w​e have sporadic data from 1998 to 2003. From that point forward the data is complete.  

    6. What is the district’s desired go-live date for the new SIS?

      1. ​The Board of Education must approve the contract first.  ​At this point, I would guess summer of 2020. 

    7. How many hard copies of the proposal does the district need?

      1.  ​A minimum of 5 please  ​

    8. Would use of a RDP session for some functionality be considered a 3rd party plugin or client software?

      1. ​It depends on what functionality would be needed for RDP. We would hope that most solutions are completely web based.  RDP adds another level of complexity.  We want users to login from any computer from school or home without loading any other software other than clicking a web browser. 

    9. In Section 4 Project Specification & Requirements, page 3 it lists core modules (9. that include IEP, Gifted, and ELL management modules. Can a vendor rely on a partner to provide some core modules like L-M-N?

      1. Our desire is to have all modules integrated. By not having this integration, potential problems may arise with database incompatibility or data and report retrieval.  This can be problematic when contacting two vendors when finger pointing happens. We expect the contracted vendor to rectify any problems.   

    10. Page 4, #6 – Please clarify the preferred training approach, training of all 700+ users onsite or train-the-trainer approach?

      1. The training will be a train-the-trainer approach.

    11. On our RFP, page 3, 9, u. it reads "Ability to automatically schedule students based on instructional levels by interfacing with assessment results."

      1. If a student fails the Keystone exam, he or she will automatically be scheduled into a class based on those results. 
    12. We noticed that in Section 16 Requirements for Proposal Submission, page 7 of the RFP, the Company Background Element states this is where the vendor proof of insurance is to be located; however, there are no specifications for the vendor insurance listed in the RFP. The RFP page is attached for your reference. Would you please email PVSD’s insurance specifications / requirements to me?

      1. We are looking for proof of liability insurance, and what the limits are. It's usually a certificate.
    13. Regarding your current hosting;

      1. Is your current system hosted on or off-site?​ Off-site​

      2. Does your district currently have direct access to your data?​ No, we only access the data through the SIS program.​

      3. When will the district lose direct access to the data?​ ​A date will need to be negotiated with our current SIS vendor.

Last Modified on May 17, 2019