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    Ms. RuthAnn Winders, Administrative Secretary


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    As caretakers for our children in an ever advancing and changing society, we are confronted with the difficult task of deciding what the best educational opportunity is for our children. Such decisions include public school or private school, the traditional school setting, home schooling, and most recently, charter schools, cyber schools.  


    These choices are difficult, since each child learns differently. Some need individual attention, others need a quiet, tranquil setting, while still others benefit from the social interaction provided by large groups. Parents/Guardians struggle to put the pieces of this puzzle together – a puzzle that will eventually provide a beautiful picture of a major portion of the child’s life – their education.


    In the Pleasant Valley School District, we are actively pursuing a multi-faceted educational program that will help parents/guardians to take the appropriate pieces of the puzzle and form that beautiful educational picture. We understand that children learn differently. Some students excel as independent learners, while others do so in a more traditional school setting. We need to work together as a team – educators and parents/guardians – to make sure that the child’s educational experience is rewarding and successful; whether it be in a traditional Pleasant Valley school building, a private school, home school, or our newest option – the Pleasant Valley Cyber Academy.


Last Modified on September 4, 2020