• PVHS Technology Calendars


    This webpage is dedicated in helping to understand how to use the Pleasant Valley High School Technology Google calendars. By using Google Calendars, we hope to achieve the following:
    1. Ease of Use
    2. Real-time Status of Technology Resources
    3. Efficient Coordination
    4. Stronger User Accountability     
    Keep in mind, that Google is continually coming out with new features for educational support with each update. So please stay alert for any emails from your Technology Integration Coach and Department Heads regarding any changes that may happen to improve the Google Calendar system.


    Note: You must log into your PV Google account in order to view any calendar. 
    Select a link on the left for the technology resource you wish to see is available. These links are READ ONLY, so you can only check to see if someone has the technology resource you want and who they are. This is NOT how you sign out any technology equipment, to do that you must follow the link provided by your Technology Integration Coach.   
    For example:
    Notice how there are appointments scheduled. By clicking on the appointment it will show who has the cart/room signed out for that period. In this example Mon-Wed is booked all periods except 3rd and 9th. You can see that by the empty space where there is nothing scheduled for period 3. This means it is available and can be signed out.