• Lamboy

    Mrs. Michele Lamboy

    Email: Lamboy.Michele@pvbears.org 

    Phone Extension: 3231

    Grade(s): 5th Grade 

    Subject(s):Learning Support

    Welcome Message: “The mind that opens to a new idea, never returns to its original size.” ~Albert Einstein


    As an educator, I’m always looking for opportunities to learn new things and create engaging ways to bring a level of curiosity into the classroom. Sharing my enthusiasm for learning with students is my favorite part about teaching. “When I find myself getting excited about a new discovery, so do my students. They begin to realize that learning reaches beyond the classroom and that everything in our world is connected.” Every day, I strive to create learning spaces that allow students to find their strengths, build their self-confidence, and practice self-reflection on their personal behaviors and goals. “One of the best ways to grow, is to be better than you were yesterday.”