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    The Bear Facts is a student-run newspaper. Any grade 9-12 student interested in writing for the newspaper should sign up for Journalism 1, since that is the class that is primarily responsible for publishing The Bear Facts. In Journalism 1, students learn the basic aspects of journalism, graphic design of a newspaper, and the principles of the First Amendment.  Within their first year “on staff,” or enrolled in the course, students learn how to write for a newspaper, how to conduct interviews, how to sell advertisement space, how to edit copy, how to take photographs accurately, and end the school year learning how to design the newspaper using the computer program Adobe InDesign. Students can return to the staff their remaining years of high school by enrolling in Journalism 2. Journalism 2 contains senior staff members, and they are editors and columnists who attained their positions by excelling in Journalism 1. They are the primary designers of the newspaper. The Bear Facts is an excellent way for students to hone their writing skills and learn how to interact with community members and others in a professional manner. Each year, The Bear Facts submits for judging through the Columbia Scholastic Press Association over the past three years, the newspaper was awarded with two silver medals and one bronze medal. Winning the gold medal is the mission each year and the staff is determined to make it happen. The Bear Facts looks for students who are hard working, dedicated and team players, so, if that is you, and you want to be a proud member of such an astounding publication, select Journalism 1 and hop on board!
    For more information contact:
    Advisor:  Kathleen Krall
    Email:  Krall.Kathleen@pvbears.org
Last Modified on November 4, 2020