Book               Policy Manual
    Section            100 Programs
    Title                 Home Education Programs
    Number           137
    Status              Active
    Adopted         February 12, 2015



    Home education programs for students of compulsory school age residing in the school district shall be conducted in accordance with state law and regulations.[1][2][3]




    Appropriate Education - a program consisting of instruction in the required subjects for the time required by law and in which the student demonstrates sustained progress in the overall program.[2]


    Hearing Examiner - shall not be an officer, employee or agent of the Department of Education or of the school district or intermediate unit of residence of the child in the home education program.


    Home Education Program - a program conducted in compliance with law by the parent/guardian or person having legal custody of a child. A home education program shall not be considered a nonpublic school under the provisions of law.


    Supervisor - the parent/guardian or person having legal custody of a child who is responsible for providing instruction, provided that such person has a high school diploma or its equivalent.


    Delegation of Responsibility


    The Superintendent or designee shall develop and distribute administrative regulations for registering and monitoring home education programs.


    The Board shall provide a hearing by a qualified and impartial hearing examiner within thirty (30) days after the Superintendent has notified the supervisor that it has been determined that appropriate education is not occurring in the home education program and the program is out of compliance.[2]

Last Modified on January 12, 2016