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    Mr. Doug Palmieri
    Email: palmieri.doug@pvbears.org

    Phone: 570.402.1000 ext. 1310

    Elementary Special Education (K-6)

    The Assistant Supervisor of Special Education for Elementary works collaboratively with the  Supervisor of Special Education to ensure that all exceptional students are properly identified and provided with a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) consistent with federal, state and local statutes. The  Assistant  Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the delivery of special education services to students in grades K-6. This office also supervises the delivery of speech/language services to students attending District buildings in grades K-12. 

    Inherent in the purpose is to continue to enhance Pleasant Valley School District’s ability to provide a quality education for all students, yet remain fiscally responsible.  Therefore, it is necessary for the office of special education to seek all means to gain additional funding through grants and other local, state and federal initiatives.  It is also necessary to pursue and continue staff development to remain knowledgeable about promising practices, educational research and to implement new initiatives.


Last Modified on August 27, 2015