• Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
    Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 (CIU20) is a CPE Provider.  Therefore, all Act 48 hours for courses and workshops offered by CIU20 are credited to the CPE Tracker by CIU20 staff.  Most colleges and universities report Act 48 hours directly to PDE for courses completed at/through their institution. Staff will find these hours recorded on the PERMS Report, but not necessarily on the CPE Tracker account.  Entities classified as CPE Providers are required to enter the CPE information for those to whom they have provided qualifying educational hours.  Teachers should be sure to inform providers of their PPID number for this purpose.  The hours cannot be reported by the district; the CPE Tracker system does not allow it.
    If you plan to take a workshop outside of the district, through a provider other than a college/university or CIU20, and/or you are unsure of whether or not the provider will report your Act 48 hours, please complete the Request for Out of District Act 48 Hours form and have it approved by your building principal.  Within 2 weeks of completion of the workshop, submit the completed form along with proof of completion to Lorraine McCutchan in the Office of Curriculum & Instruction, Administration Building.  
    Keep in mind that once your hours are entered into CPE Tracker, it will take at least a few days before PDE uploads the hours to your PERMS report.
    Click the link below to open the Request for Out of District Act 48 Hours form.
Last Modified on January 22, 2019