• How Does CafTRAC Work?
    Every student will have an account. Parents/guardians have the option of pre-paying for meals as far in advance as they wish by depositing money into the student's account. Each time the student eats, the cost of the meal is automatically deducted from his/her account. CafTRAC allows students to deposit money into their account any morning prior to the start of school, or when they go through the lunch line. Cash or checks made out to “PVSD Cafeteria” will be accepted.
    How Does A Student Access His/Her Account?
    Every student will receive a PIN number. When the student reaches the cashier station he/she will put the PIN number into the keypad. The cashier will record the purchase and, provided there are sufficient funds to cover the purchase, the account will be debited.
    How Will I Know How Much Money Is In My Child's Account?
    The cashier will alert the student when an account balance is low. Parents then have the opportunity to deposit additional funds or to pay for lunches on a daily basis. If an account balance reaches a negative balance, a letter is sent home with the student indicating the negative balance and requesting additional money be deposited into the account.
    Must The Money In My Child's Account Only Be Used To Purchase A Lunch?
    No. The money may be used to purchase milk or another beverage on the days a student packs, or to purchase any other a la carte item that may be available. If you want the money in your child's account to only be used for lunches, you must notify the cafeteria in writing. This information will be entered into the system and the cashier will be made aware of your request. Please be advised, however, that milk, when purchased separately, is considered an a la carte item. This means if you block a la carte purchases, your child will not be able to use money in his/her account to purchase milk. Cash, of course, will be accepted.
    Must I Deposit Money Into My Child's Account?
    No. Although all students will have an account, students may continue to pay for lunch on a daily basis. Students purchasing lunch on a daily basis will still be required to use their PIN number on the keypad.
    How Are Students Receiving Free or Reduced Lunches Handled?
    The system is designed to prevent the overt identification of students receiving free or reduced lunches. Students receiving free lunches merely put in their PIN number when they receive a lunch. The system will alert the cashier and no money will be requested.  Students receiving reduced price lunches will be required to deposit money on their account to cover the $ .40 per lunch charge. The minimum deposit accepted will be $4.00. To maintain confidentiality, students receiving reduced price lunch may not pay the cashier on a daily basis.   Students receiving free or reduced price lunches may deposit money in their account to allow for a la carte purchases.
    When Can I Start To Put Money In My Child's Account?
    Students may deposit money into their account any morning prior to the start of school by bringing it to the cafeteria or giving money to the cashier when going through the lunch line. If writing a check please use dark blue or black ink only.
    What Are The Benefits Of Depositing Money Into My Child's Account?
    a. Lunch money does not have to be sent to school on a daily basis risking the possibility of it being lost by the time your child gets to lunch.
    b. Forgotten lunch money no longer becomes a problem.
    c. The need to search for exact change, on a daily basis, is eliminated.
    d. Although it is best to reach an account balance of zero at the end of the school year, any funds remaining in your child's account will be carried over to the next school year.
Last Modified on August 21, 2013