• Summer Reading
    All Pleasant Valley High School students are required to read two (2) books over the summer. Students in grades 9-12 must choose their books from the approved PVHS Summer Reading book list and complete a handwritten, double-sided journal for each book.  Honors and AP students must follow the specific requirements for their class.
    Visit the Summer Reading Pathfinder for all Summer Reading resources and requirements, including:
    • The PVHS summer reading booklist
    • A summer reading planning guide
    • A list of area book stores
    • Links to online book stores
    • Links to free downloadable eBooks
    • The double-sided summer reading journal template
    • The Honors/AP booklists, assignments, and Google classroom codes
    The PVHS Summer Reading booklist contains over 600 titles for all interest and reading levels. You may browse the booklist by author, title, book reading level or genre, such as: adventure, classics, college bound, fantasy, graphic novels, historical fiction, mystery/suspense, nonfiction, romance, science fiction, sports, teen fiction, war, etc.  
    You will also find MCTI shop suggestions, Spring Reading Challenge titles, as well as 11th- and 12th-grade literary analysis titles. 
    Note: All NEW students transferring to the high school after August 1st will be required to read one (1) book. All students transferring prior to August 1st are required to read two books.