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Pleasant Valley FBLA Success at Regionals

The following are the qualifiers for the state tournament.

FBLA STUDENT NAMEEventPlaceCount of Students
Adamski, JacobGlobal Business21
Aldridge, NaimahIntroduction to Business Communication12
Angell, TeaganInsurance and Risk Management13
Bard, BenHelp Desk44
Barr, RistonAgribusiness35
Berry, JohnIntroduction to Business Procedures26
Beverly, NiaIntroduction to Parliamentary Procedure47
Bolds, AshleyIntroduction to Business Communication28
Bunsee, AndersonNetwork Design19
Carroll, SaraMarketing110
Cerbone, WilliamIntroduction to Information Technology211
Cetin, HulusiIntroduction to Information Technology412
Chiong, JustinComputer Problem Solving113
Cole, LillithFBLA Principles and Procedures214
Cole, RhiannonCyber Security315
Colon, MattMarketing116
Coyle, SaraSports and Entertainment Management 117
Dans, SarahIntroduction to Business Procedures318
DeLuzio, AlexaJob Interview119
Diamond, HollyOrganizational Leadership420
Dominick, TrishaSports and Entertainment Management 121
Driscoll, SkylarManagement Decision Making122
Eberhardt, LizzJournalism323
Fish, TylerHelp Desk124
Frantz, MorganGlobal Business225
Gawron, MeganFBLA Principles and Procedures126
Gemmell, MalcomAdvertising427
Gilleece, BrendanComputer Problem Solving128
Hansen, ZacharyAdvertising129
Hanyon, MearaIntroduction to Business330
Hayat, AhmedIntroduction to Business531
Jacoby, CalebIntroduction to Financial Math232
Jetty, AdamNetworking Concepts133
Jones, MalichaiBusiness Calculations234
Kautz, NatalieManagement Decision Making135
Kaye, SarahSports and Entertainment Management 136
Keppel, AlexisOrganizational Leadership237
Kish, BriannaInsurance and Risk Management338
Kitchen, DarienBanking and Finacial Systems239
Klein, JonathanBanking and Finacial Systems240
Kron, SethSecurities & Investments141
Laudenslager, RoccoEmerging Business Issues142
Marks, CanyonAgribusiness543
Marks, RiverBusiness Communications144
Marshall, JadeBusiness Law345
Marshall, XavierEmerging Business Issues146
Massa, NicholasSecurities & Investments347
McGrath, JordanIntroduction to Information Technology148
Mickens, JonathanBusiness Communications449
Mieles, JessieIntroduction to Business Procedures550
Mollica, AnnamariaAgribusiness451
Murphy, RyanCyber Security152
O'Connor, JosephEconomics153
Pridham, BrookeBusiness Law154
Rechenberger, SaigeBanking and Finacial Systems255
Reyes, MelanieIntroduction to Parliamentary Procedure156
Reyes, StephanieIntroduction to Parliamentary Procedure257
Salvero, AlexNetwork Design158
Santiago, RafaelNetwork Design159
Saviet, DanielEconomics260
Slozina, EkaterinaManagement Decision Making161
Vo, NathanNetworking Concepts262
Wagner, JustinComputer Problem Solving563
Wassum, BryarEconomics364
Weiler, LoganBusiness Ethics265
Wentzler, CobyNetworking Concepts366