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First in Math Students



Attention PVI First in Math Students: Today it is time to announce the Top Player of the Month in First in Math in each grade. They are: 4th Grade Michaela Clement-St. Louis, 5th Grade: Bailey O’Keefe, and 6th grade: Kristen Ferris. Would these 3 students please come down to the office after announcements to get your award and certificate for a free meal to Mike’s Pizza. Today we will also announce the top homerooms in each grade that scored the most points in the Month of February. The top homeroom in 4th grade was: Mrs. Kuntz (K-U-N-T-Z), In 5th Grade: Mrs. Beautz’s, and 6th Grade: Mrs. Geiger. Congratulations to those homerooms for being the best in First in Math for February.   Keep playing First in Math PVI because everyone has a chance to be the top player or in the top homeroom for the month of March. 


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