To all community members, we need your help!

To all community members, we need your help!  Tell our legislators we need charter school funding reform. 

Each year, school districts spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money for mandatory payments to brick-and mortar and cyber-charter schools.  Please join Pleasant Valley School District's efforts to change the existing flawed funding formulas. 

In an attempt to reach out to our local legislators, we are asking all community members to click the link below and request that charter reform occur immediately from Harrisburg.  In order to defray these high costs, we need our legislators to draft new reform to keep our taxes low. We hope that charter reform could help alleviate some of these expenses. Please fill out this form as it is very simple to do.  


Click on the link

Click on the red box titled "Take Action"

Enter your name address, email, zip code, etc.

Before you click send message, you can add your own comments to the message. 

click on the blue box titled "Send Message"


Thank you